Recommended Gear

  GEAR LIST: Any backpack or ruck will work, but we have found that the GORUCK brand rucks seem to hold up best to the pounding they get at SPEARHEAD workouts and special events. Here is a list of gear that we know will stand up to weekly workouts:

  • Rucking Kits :: If you are looking to get started with rucking, the GORUCK Rucking Kits include everything you need to get started, at a discount.
  • GORUCK Brand Rucks :: GR0, GR1, or GR2 are typically best for challenges and training.  Other sizes are available, but may be not suffice for all of your gear and bricks.  The SCARS guarantee means that if you ever experience any type of damage or failure of your gear, GORUCK will repair or replace it.  This is a lifetime guarantee, so your ruck should last forever.
  • Source Hydration Bladders :: We have seen a lot of other brands of water bladders burst or fall apart at training and in events, don't let it happen to you.  We had one Source bladder break, but since it was bought from GORUCK they replaced it immediately no questions asked.  The low profile bladder fits best in the packed ruck.
    • We recommend purchasing two bladders - two is one, one is none.
    • Tip: Purchase an extra SOURCE hydration mouthpiece with your order.  This comes in handy if yours gets lost during an event, or if it freezes up.
  • GORUCK Sandbags :: We have been putting the GORUCK sandbags through the ringer at SPEARHEAD since the first workout in August 2013, and we are yet to have any problems.  These things go through hell - we drag them across the ground, drop them on the pavement, but they continue to perform and only get better with age.  These are great tools for workouts, and come highly recommended by SPEARHEADs.